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Our Web Design Process - How it Works
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Pro Site Design Process

At Pro Sitemaker, we build innovative websites of all sizes that help businesses grow rapidly. Our web development process works to meet both your short-term and long-term goals by using clear communication, unique brand integration and cutting-edge technology.

Our 5-Step Web Design Process

Step 1: Consultation - First fill out our questionnaire which will help us determine who your intended audience is, what your goals for visitors are, and what functions your site requires. If you're not sure where to start, our team is always full of great suggestions.

Step 2: Quote - We prepare an itemized price quote for you that lists all the features of your website as well as pricing and payment options. You can always make additions or changes along the way.

Step 3: Development - You provide to us any existing data, text, photos or other content you would like us to incorporate into your website. We will create any new graphics and/or animations, as well as your navigational design. You can view your site's progress and provide feedback to your webmaster during it's construction.

Step 4: Optimization - After your basic design is complete, we begin to add valuable meta-tags to your pages which are utilized by the search engines. We also create any necessary coded elements including shopping carts, dynamic data, web applications, or streamed media.

Step 5: Completion - When everything looks great to you, we launch your website. We will also set you up with a hosting plan at this point, if you haven't already signed up for one. Last minute touch-ups are allowed for up to two weeks after it is launched. After that, we charge per hour for maintenance.

After completion, Pro Sitemaker can also promote your site through our marketing and promotion programs. We submit your site to all the major search engines, arrange link exchanges, and utilize banner advertising and email marketing.

Pro Website Design


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